Bigg Boss 15 expected contestants

Bigg Boss 15 expected contestants


As you all know that the Bigg boss 15 watch online will be telecasted on colors tv and it will also be shown on our website but for now I will tell you the candidates of the season 15.


Jasmin Bhasin

You can Download bigg boss 15 by downloading the voot app. now I am going to tell you about which of the contestants are going to take part in the reality show. According to the reports the name of the actress Jasmin Bhasin has been finalized for the  Bigg boss 15 latest episode. She will be the part of the show. she was selected by the colors tv production. She will be sooner seen in Bigg boss 15 latest episode which will be available on our website.

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The next contestant for the Biggboss season 15 will be Devoleena. She is a famous tv actress and has done some great works in the industry. She will be the part of Bigg boss 15 all episodes. She is a very tough contestant for the show. Salman khan himself praised her for her work in Television Industry. She is a beautifull and bold actress. She will also entertain her fans. Bigg boss 15 all episodes are in process and they will be published on our website. Biggboss 15 will be a record breaking season and will have a very good trp. The show is famous all over the world and has many fans.

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Kavita Kaushik

The first on our list is Kavita Kaushik. She is an FIR actress and is renowned for her work in Chandramukhi Chautala. She entered the show Biggboss as a wild card contestant. According to the reports the actress was offered to be the part of the show every year but she couldn’t make up her mind but in season 15 she finaaly accepted the offer and entered the house with a bang. She was also declared as the captain of the house. When she was declared as the captain many of the house members were unhappy with this decision. Kavita was not happy with Rubina Dilaik. She played well but couldn’t stay at the house for much long. She can also be seen in Bigg boss 15 live because in Bigg boss 15 live many previous candidates will be called so it will be a very entertaining season.

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Naina Singh

The next on our list is Naina Singh. Before giving the introduction of the actress I will try to tell you how to download the Bigg boss 15 full episode. Open the browser and type Bigg boss 15 full episode in the search bar and click on our website and watch all the episodes without any cost. Naina singh also participated in the reality show. She was the winner of the show Spitsvilla season 10 and was also seen in the TV serial Kumkum Bhagya. She played a negative role in that soap. The character she played was Rhea and it became very famous. She entered the show and was very liked by the fans. Salman khan also praised her. She had been on the show for few weeks but after that she was evicted from the show.

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Shardul Pandit

The next contestant is Shardul Pandit. He is an RJ, actor and also hosted Box Office Cricket league with the contestant Naina Singh. He also stated that he was jobless for almost 2 years and then lockdown came. He was having very difficult time but then Salman khan call his friend Karan Patel and they both invited Shardul Pandit on the show and told him to play with full courage and he has the potential to win the show. Salman khan also told him that doesn’t feel lesser than anybody else on the show. He in a interview got emotional and said that Karan and his wife gave him a lot of strength in difficult times. He also made some remarks about the contestant Naina Singh. He said she once sat on his lap but Naina Singh didn’t say anything in response.


Rubina Dilaik

The next participant on our list is Rubina Dilaik. You can also watch her on Bigg boss 15 watch live. Bigg boss 15 watch live will also have some other famous celebrities. Rubina is one of the top faces of the Television Industry. She became the member of the house on the start of the show. Her start of the tv career didn’t go well but later on she made a comeback with Shakti where she played the role of Transgender. The serial got very popular and she was praised by all the fans. She entered the show with her Husband Abhinav Shukla. She played very well and was a bold figure in the house. She made clear statements about the house members. She later on managed to become the Captain of the house.


Eijaz Khan

The next contestant is Eijaz khan. Eijaz khan can be seen on Bigg boss 15 today episode. He performed very well in the Bigg boss 15 today episode. He has been working in Television Industry and film industry for almost 20 years. He has worked in many tv serials and films. His most famous works are Kkavyanjali and Tanu Weds Manu. He was a bold and fear less character in the game. He made to the finals but due to health issues he could not continue his stay at the house. He was replaced by Deveelona who played for him. The actor performed very well throughout his stay at the house.


Watch Bigg boss 15 live and enjoy all the episodes. We hope to make your weekend better with this show. Salman khan is the host of the show and will be present in each of the episode.

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